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Cloud Analysis for Smarter Retail

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What: “IBM has announced a cloud-based Web analytics and digital marketing suite aimed at helping its business customers automate online marketing campaigns across digital channels, such as Websites, social media networks and mobile phones.”

How: “The IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Optimisation Suite automates and simplifies a company’s ability to design and deliver a tailored online experience and marketing promotions through real-time personalised recommendations, email ad targeting and more. The new suite also enables marketers to perform advanced segmentation and automate marketing execution based on multichannel data, including offline data sources. And it delivers real-time product recommendations for all online channels – including social, mobile, email and display ads..”

Why: “The IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Optimisation Suite is the newest addition to the company’s family of Smarter Commerce solutions. With its Smarter Commerce initiative, IBM is forging ahead into a new market that it estimates will grow to $20 billion in software opportunity alone by 2015, driven by the demands from organisations that are increasingly looking for ways to bring new levels of automation to marketing, sales and fulfilment to secure greater customer loyalty.”

Full article at eWeek here.

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