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IBM counts atoms – the answer is 12

What: “Researchers have successfully stored a single data bit in only 12 atoms.  Currently it takes about a million atoms to store a bit on a modern hard-disk, the researchers from IBM say.”

Why: “According to the researchers, the technique opens up the possibility of producing much denser forms of magnetic computer memory than today’s hard disk drives and solid state memory chips.”

How: “The groups of atoms, which were kept at very low temperatures, were arranged using a scanning tunnelling microscope. Researchers were subsequently able to form a byte made of eight of the 12-atom bits.”

Full article on BBC News.

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Record Shattering Storage

Image representing IBM as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

What: “Researchers from today demonstrated the future of large-scale storage systems by successfully scanning 10 billion files on a single system in just 43 minutes, shattering the previous record of one billion files in three hours by a factor of 37.”

Why: “Growing at unprecedented scales, this advance unifies data environments on a single platform, instead of being distributed across several systems that must be separately managed. It also dramatically reduces and simplifies data management tasks, allowing more information to be stored in the same technology, rather than continuing to buy more and more storage.”

How: “The GPFS management rules engine provides the comprehensive capabilities to service any data management task.
GPFS’s advanced algorithm makes possible the full use of all processor cores on all of these machines in all phases of the task (data read, sorting and rules evaluation). GPFS exploits the solid state storage appliances with only 6.8 terabytes of capacity for excellent random performance and high data transfer rates for containing the metadata storage. The appliances sustainably perform hundreds of millions of data input-output operations, while GPFS continuously identifies, selects and sorts the right set of files among the 10 billion on the system.”

Blow your mind at Iewy News here.

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