Extreme Blue – 12 Weeks Running a Micro-Business

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What: “Extreme Blue is no ordinary summer internship. Where else could you develop a technology and business plan to bring a new product to life in just 12 weeks? Working in a small team of students, you’ll transform an idea into a real product. Then, when the 12 weeks are up, you’ll showcase it to our executives, business partners and clients.”

Why: “Since the program started in 1999, students have generated more than 500 patent submissions, helped create more than 50 new product capabilities, and contributed more than 15 pieces of software to the open-source community.

Extreme Blue isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s about pushing boundaries. It’s intense, challenging and tough. The projects are real. They move quickly, expectations are high and the results are subject to scrutiny. But when millions of people around the world are using the product that your team helped develop, you’ll find that all the hard work was worth it.”

Find out more about Extreme Blue in the UK here, and hear from Extreme Blue students here.

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