SecondSight is Analytics for Tennis

IBM Showcases SecondSight at Wimbledon 2011What: “IBM has been piloting a real-time analytics tool that tracks players’ movement, stamina, distance covered and style of play during the 125th Wimbledon championship, with the aim of having it up and running next year.”

Why: “We’ve been able to collect statistics about individual points up till now, and have extended this to collect statistics about player fitness,” Alan Flack, IBM’s Wimbledon client and programme executive, told

“We can track speed, stamina and distance covered over the course of a match. It is also possible to map player movement to see their style of play and to see who is tiring, for example.”

How: “The system uses technology orignally developed for military use, and works by capturing player data via multiple cameras located behind the umpire. This information is analysed using IBM’s algorithms and rendered to display a real-time 3D graphic.”

See the full article on V3 here.

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One thought on “SecondSight is Analytics for Tennis

  1. […] piloted player movement tracking, using its Second Sight technology in 2011. The technology has been used to track missiles, but at Wimbledon it measures […]

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