Virtual Machines in Minutes

IBM Cloud Computing

Image by Ivan Walsh via Flickr

What: “IBM has introduced virtual deployment software for its cloud-computing stack that promises to virtualise an entire datacentre within minutes.”

How: “The provisioning technology, developed in IBM’s China labs with contributions from other research facilities around the world, gets its speed boost in part by taking an alternative initial approach. “Most virtual machine deployments have as a first step the copying of the virtual machine image,” Quan [Dennis Quan, director of the Tivoli China development laboratory] said. “One thing we do is we skip that step.”

Why: “The software is designed to integrate with IBM’s management stack for cloud computing, which the company sees as being a “key enabler” in dealing with data such as healthcare records and image archives, according to Quan. Cloud computing is the latest and most mature attempt to provide various computing services — from applications to infrastructure — on demand.”

Full article on ZDNet here.

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