Watson Slips Up

Unofficial seal of the United States Congress

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What: “Some brave — and curious — members of Congress made their way to a Capitol Hill hotel Monday evening to square off against a recent “Jeopardy!” sensation named Watson, the IBM-powered supercomputer that handily defeated the game show’s two most successful contestants in history.”

Why: “Brown [a member of the 25-person team that developed Watson] said his team is close to getting the technology to a point where it is ready for everyday use in the worlds of business and government. But for now, we can continue to enjoy watching Watson show off his formidable trivia skills.”

But: “Holt, a five-time champion on the real “Jeopardy!” show, managed to hold his own against Watson for most of the round…beating Watson by amassing “winnings” of $8,600 to $6,200″

Full article at CNN here.

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