Hey! EU! Get On To My Cloud!

IBM's R&D-building at Haifa University, with D...

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What:IBM … announced that it is leading a joint research initiative with 15 European partners that include standards bodies and companies in the telecommunications, healthcare and media industries to develop an object-based, standardized “smart cloud” storage architecture.”

Why: “IBM said the goal of the collaboration is to improve delivery of rich data and storage services across national boundaries and a variety of vendors. The research project, being led by IBM’s research arm in Haifa, Israel, will tackle the major challenges facing modern storage clouds, including cost-effectiveness, data mobility across cloud providers, security guarantees and the massive computing power demands that affect quality of service.”

How: “IBM said that with Vision Cloud, a future provider of storage services could offer a “digital safe” service, where consumers could store photos, videos, health records and financial records securely in the cloud.

“Then, for example, when an expecting mother undergoes a 3D ultrasound of her fetus, the image is automatically uploaded and stored in her digital safe. She can then decide to give access to family members and to an online video editing service, through which she produces the first video of her baby, which she shares with her friends and family,” IBM said.

Friends and family could then be given permission to download the video and view it on their own personal device, each with its own screen size and supported video formats. Meanwhile, a radiologist using the video might, for example, find a slight anomaly and he could then tag the scan accordingly. That tagging would trigger a search in a medical repository, which might find that the anomaly is probably an allergy medication.”

Full article at ComputerWorld.

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