Big Blue Goes Green

United States Green Building Council

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What:IBM announced today it has achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for its new data center located at the company’s Research Triangle Park (RTP) campus.  The new facility, which is the company’s most technologically advanced green data center, officially opened in February 2010 and is IBM’s first LEED Gold certified data center.”

Why & How: “The construction reused 95 percent of the original building’s shell and in the process IBM recycled 90 percent of the materials from the original building and ensured 25 percent of newly purchased material came from recycled products.  These factors helped reduce the carbon footprint associated with 100,000 square feet building by nearly 50 percent. One of the unique features of the IBM facility is a rainwater collection system which generates non-potable water to be used in the facility.

With the annual rainfall in Raleigh averaging around 41 inches, IBM estimates that the 160,000 square foot roof area can collect approximately 3.5 million gallons per year.  IBM also designed the center with a reflective roof to reduce the indoor temperature and cooling technology which utilizes outside air to free-cool the data center for nearly half the year.  This system is complemented by the use of an intelligent sensor network which continuously reads temperature and relative humidity throughout the data center.  The smart system then can dynamically adjust cooling in response to changes in demand and is estimated to help reduce annual energy cost by 15 percent.”

Find the full article at Datacenter Journal.

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