IBM & the James Webb Space Telescope

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What: “When the Webb Space Telescope takes off for its perch in space, a million miles away, it will be operated by some 200,000 lines of code.  One of it’s goals will be to search for faint signs of infrared light to help us better understand the origins of the universe.”  “NASA chose an IBM Rational systems development solutions to be used by its three international space agency partners in building the telescope.”

How: “The solution will act as a blueprint for the entire multi-decade project allowing different development organisations to “drag-and-drop” software code directly into the blueprint, where it is then automatically populated across the entire project.”

Why: “Such modelling can accelerate software development by almost 30 percent, with quality checks built in at every step.”

Find out more about IBM’s involvement and Hubble’s replacement here.

PS – James Webb (1906 – 1992) was NASA’s second administrator.

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