Schools In The Cloud

What: Pike County Schools, which supports over 10,000 students in eastern Kentucky, are using IBM Desktop Cloud services to provide the latest educational tools and software to students and staff.

Why: Pike County Schools needed a consistent and integrated technology environment to support learning objectives and enable its more than 10,000 students to be technology proficient upon graduation. With 27 educational facilities to manage, ensuring its systems were loaded with the latest educational software—and capable of running the software—was challenging. And it became more so when its funds were reduced by 80 percent.

How: Rather than replace thousands of workstations, Pike County Schools implemented a virtual desktop solution that leverages existing desktop hardware and moves the application infrastructure to a remote operating environment. Students now access school applications using either a Web browser or a special CD that bypasses the boot processes of the desktop system. Now, all students have access, at home or at school, to the latest educational tools.

The complete IBM case study can be found here.

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