Malta: The First Smart Grid Country

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With IBM’s help Malta is set to develop the world’s first smart energy grid.

Malta’s electricity and water systems are inexorably intertwined. Malta depends entirely on foreign fuel oil for the production of all of its electricity and for more than half of its water supply, which filters through an energy-intensive desalination process.

The new smart grid, integrating both water and power systems, will be able to identify water leaks and electricity losses in the grid, allowing the utilities to more intelligently plan their investments in the network and reduce inefficiency. 250,000 interactive metres will monitor electricity usage in realtime, set variable rates, and reward customers who consume less energy and water.

By addressing the issues of water and power as a system, the Maltese government can provide citizens with better information to make smarter decisions about how and when they use power — and the country can begin the task of replacing carbon-intensive fuel oil with renewable energy for the future.

Find more on smarter energy here.

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