6 Nobel Prize Laureates

Image from nobelprize.org

So far, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to six IBMers:

1990 –  Harry Markowitz (with Merton H. Miller and William F. Sharpe)
For theories on evaluating stock-market risk and reward and on valuing corporate stocks and bonds.

1987 –  J. Georg Bednorz and K. Alex Müller
For their discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in a new class of materials. They discovered that a particular class of oxides can conduct electricity without resistance at temperatures significantly higher than previously achieved.

1986 –  Gerd K. Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer
For their invention of the Scanning Tunneling Microscope, which could provide atomic resolution images of surfaces.

1973 –  Leo Esaki
For his invention of the electron tunneling effect in semiconductors. Esaki was the co-inventor of semiconductor superlattices and explored the extraordinary properties of these engineered quantum structures.

Find more IBM awards here.


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